sleep myths

a woman peacefully takes a nap during the day

Sleep can definitely seem like a mystery at times. Despite it being a common, everyday activity in our lives, we are all still trying to work out why we sleep, what sleep actually is, and which factors determine or affect our rest.  Along with all the speculation appear plenty of sleep myths, some of which can be both misleading and even detrimental to health.  Take a look below to see some sleep myths debunked once and for all.

Sleep Myth 1)  Alcohol Helps You Sleep

Whilst alcohol certainly causes drowsiness and eventual sleep, the sleep achieved is broken, uncomfortable and low in quality. Alcohol can also cause dehydration, meaning that you tend to wake with a sore head, a dry mouth and a feeling far from rested.

Sleep Myth 2)  Daytime Activities Do Not Affect Sleep

Wrong! Daytime activities definitely affect sleep. Activities such as working out late in the evening tend to make it difficult to fall asleep, whilst watching a ?lm late into the early hours can definitely lessen sleep quality due to blue light exposure. Day time activities can have a huge affect on rest and investing in the correct sleep hygiene can make all the difference.

Sleep Myth 3)  Certain Foods Put Me to Sleep

Whilst certain foods can definitely help to encourage sleep, there is no speci?c food that will heavily induce sleep. Whilst foods such as nuts, slow release carbs and warm milk can certainly relax your mind and body for rest, they cannot directly induce sleep. Simply include sleep boosting foods in your diet for a healthy sleep and a better life, they’ll ?t well into your sleep hygiene routine.

Sleep Myth 4)  You Can Make Up for Lost Sleep

Although it can be tempting to sleep in for longer at the weekend in order to ‘make up’ for sleep lost during the week, studies have actually shown that sleeping longer on your days off can be pretty ineffective. Not only does it make you miss out on daytime activities, sleeping for longer at the weekend will most likely cause ‘social jet lag’, making it pretty difficult for you to start the new week afresh on Monday!

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