Catching Sleep

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Can You Catch Up On Lost Sleep?

Turns out weekend snoozing is not the answer…

Unfortunately, studies have shown that sleeping in for an extra 1-2 hours during the weekend does not actually catch up on sleep lost during the week. The main reason that this fails is linked to something called sleep debt. As we miss hours throughout the week, they add up, meaning that by the weekend we could be totaling around eight hours of missed sleep, that’s four hours extra for both Saturday and Sunday! Even if you do achieve sleeping for those extra hours, your whole sleep schedule has been completely thrown off, meaning that you’re more likely to struggle to head to bed on Sunday evening… It’s definitely an endless cycle…

So, what’s the best way to clean up sleep debt?

The best way to clean up any sleep debt acquired during the week is to start slow and steady. Even heading to bed around 10-15 mins earlier each night can make a real difference and will mean that you’ll have no sleep debt come the weekend! Struggle to head to bed at an earlier time?

Clean up your sleep hygiene routine.

Heading to bed earlier can be achieved through a variety of activities, from a hot bath through to self care, lavender pillow spray and reading a book.

It’s also super important to keep your sleep environment clean, tidy and fresh. Leaving the window open at night can have a cooling affect on your body which can naturally encourage sleep whilst there are plenty of apps out there that you can try in order to encourage sleep at an easier time.

Cracking a sleep schedule is the most affective way to avoid sleep debt and the best way to create a sleep routine!

What if you do end up with sleep debt come the weekend?

Although this might not be brilliant to hear, if you end up with a lot of sleep debt come the weekend, it’s probably best to still get up at the usual time on both Saturday and Sunday. Waking up as usual will mean that you’ll head to bed at an early time come the end of the weekend due to natural tiredness!

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