a group of tiny jars of essential oils, surrounded by various flow petals, ginger slices, and other aromatherapeutic ingredients

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to encourage relaxation and sleep. Check out our top picks of sleep boosting oils, all of which can easily ?t into any sleep hygiene routine.



When it comes to sleep boosting essential oils, lavender tends to spring into people’s minds, it’s de?nitely the most popular and well known when it comes to aromatherapy.

Studies have shown inhaling lavender can cause a drop in blood pressure, heart rate and even skin temperature, all of which are key components to falling asleep.

Put a few drops of lavender in an essential oil diffuser an hour before bed for a much more restful sleep.

Don’t have an air diffuser? No problem, just pop a few droplets straight onto you pillow or invest in a pillow spray!

Lemon Balm

It can be pretty tricky to sleep during illness

Lemon can be a brilliant scent to inhale before heading to bed if you are suffering from a cold.

Not only can a hot honey and lemon drink soothe sore throats, the steam is also great for inhaling before rest to clear the sinuses for sleep and therefore reduce sleep disruption.


Valerian root tends to be the main ingredient in most herbal sleep aids.

It can be brewed into tea, taken in tablet form or used as an oil before rest.

Just a few drops in a diffuser of a few droplets rubbed on the wrists can help to aid relaxation.


You’re probably familiar with chamomile tea and its calming affect, and the oil version of chamomile is no different.

Just a few drops in a diffuser, sprinkled on a pillow or rubbed into your wrists can be a great sleep aid.

There are also plenty of tea options, hand creams and even body sprays and bath oils to really encourage sleep.

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